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Agricultural: for an ecological change

GENERAL EMBALLAGE manufactures models solutions primary and secondary packaging for the protection, conservation and stacking of goods.
Economics, these solutions also environmental concerns intersect

The passage of the plastic crate crates and corrugated trays means:

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Eliminating storage costs
  • environmental

The board is a durable material, which means it is not only recyclable but also that the raw material comes from forests managed according to the principles of reproducibility. GENERAL EMBALLAGE is required to make eco-designed packaging, that is to say, which require a minimum of raw materials.

A study known interest compared between cases and reusable plastic trays in corrugated recyclable conducted in 2011 by two professional organizations, Carton ondulé de France and Légumes de France, found a net economic supremacy of recyclable corrugated cardboard on plastic reusable

If a producer uses a category of plastic crate may make 12 rotations in the year and that producer needs to deliver 100 crates per day while the park with minimal need it to ensure continuous delivery of crates 3042

In other words, whenever out of 100 cases from the producer are 2942 boxes that are somewhere in the circuit delivery is still containing vegetables deliver either distribution platform or on the point of sale or into trucks return or washing.