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E and F-flute : An almost flat corrugated

Alongside traditional B and C, E and F flutes allow works whose consistency is similar to the flat cardboard.

  1. E flute presents a greater number of flutes per meter (300), which confers greater resistance to crushing and better printability.
    Its height (a quarter of the groove "C") reduces the size of the box and to optimize the volume of the package.
    Because of its thinness and its damping properties, flute E can replace conventional folding cartons and containers made of flat cardboard. E flute is thus well suited for boxes for cosmetics, glass, ceramic and handling delicate objects.
    One of its most important uses is the pizza box: a cost effective solution to protect the product and giving a good report to print.
  2. More recent creation, flute F was born in Europe from a reflection on the reduction of the content of the paper packaging. Thin almost half the E-flute, presents itself as a worthwhile choice in the corrugated industry.
    The F-flute box makes a more rigid and manufacture produces less waste.
    In Europe, F-flute is used in packaging, Advertising on site sales, the jewelery boxes, packaging for cosmetics and shoe boxes.
    In the United States, McDonald's uses it for his Big Mac and Dairy Queen for his "Ultimate Sandwich".